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With the massive popularity of online shopping around the globe, multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces have become a popular way to sell both physical and digital products. Customers are happy because they get to choose from a wide selection of products from multiple vendors, and you’re happy because you get to charge vendors a commission. However, multi-vendor marketplaces require some unique functionality, which means that you definitely need special software if you want to create your own multi-vendor marketplace.ore.

We’ve already covered all the requirements and built best platform for multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces as they relate to the essential criteria of a good marketplace store. Ace eMarket Place is an online commerce platform that allows large communities of buyers and suppliers to “meet” and trade with each other. Ace presents a multi-vendor eCommerce platform designed with ideal structure for commercial exchange, achieving new levels of market efficiency by tightening and automating the relationship between vendor and buyer.

Essential features of Our Multi-vendor marketplace

👐 Easy registration/listing for vendors: Third-party vendors need to be able to easily register and create their own product listings. If it’s difficult for vendors to list products, they’ll go somewhere else. They also need their own profile page to showcase these listings.

👍 Quality search feature: Search is always essential for eCommerce, but for multi-vendor marketplaces, it’s doubly important. Customers need to be able to find what they need in a sea of third-party products.

⭐ Easy reviews: Because you’ll have multiple sellers, customers need to be able to easily review sellers and products so that sellers can establish a reputation.

🛍️ Digital vs physical: Some marketplaces are limited to digital or physical products. You’ll need to pick the option that fits your goals.

💸 Ability to charge commission: As the owner of a marketplace, you’ll generate revenue charging a commission. Your platform needs to not only allow this but also make it simple for you to handle payments so you don’t get overwhelmed.

💰 Price: There are some massive variations in price for multi-vendor marketplaces, so we have carefully weighed the platform’s price vs. its features.


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    Copyright 2020. Ace Computer Technology Solutions. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2020. Ace Computer Technology Solutions. All rights reserved.