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One Such innovation that we introduced to the market is Gize Bio-metric Attendance & Payroll Management System.

Finger print

It registers finger prints, employment information and check in/out time.

Attendance rule

Creates attendance rule, schedule regular and non-regular check in/out times.


Records forgotten check-in/out, loans, deductions, advance payments, bonuses, allowances and medical deductions.

Schedule and Monitor

Enables department heads to schedule and monitor employee’s attendance


It takes backup of every entry/data regularly while generating reports.

Salary information

Records employee salary information, salary deduction, advanced payments,employee allowance, employee bonus.


Calculates payroll, evaluation payment, pensions, allowance, provident fund, commissions and deductions.


Generates attendance report, payroll slip, company own salary matrix

Gize2.1 will also calculate employee’s payroll daily by linking attendance report with payroll settings. Once your company’s Payroll and Attendance rule are recorded on Gize 2.1 every aspect of attendance and payroll information would be just few mouse clicks away saving your company’s valuable time and money while eliminating error prone paper based system.

Gize 2.1 is unparalleled and comprehensive attendance software, which covers each and every entity of attendance has many sub-components which makes it one big full operational system. These sub-components manage mainly employee attendance and payroll. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of attendance like managers, financial department, employees, etc.

It comprises two major modules that will function in an integrated manner that cover each and every aspect of attendance and makes the functioning of any HR effortless. We can also add pre-agreed modules in our software according to your requirement.

Gize 2.1 will register employee’s finger print with their basic information. It will then create link between employee’s basic information with the company’s attendance and scheduling settings. Once this registration phase is completed Gize2.1, integrated with the bio-metric finger print machine, is ready to monitor employee’s attendance.

With Gize 2.1 your company will benefit the a privilege of scheduling and monitoring employee’s attendance with just a couple of seconds. Gize 2.1 daily record and monitor employee’s attendance and produces a report that will assist department heads to make an informed planning and decision making.

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    Copyright 2020. Ace Computer Technology Solutions. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2020. Ace Computer Technology Solutions. All rights reserved.